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Hi there!

My name is Mario, I live near Darmstadt in Germany. The mysterious name of this blog comes from the fact that my last name sounds like the greek letter µ in German and also in English, which I rather like since I can write my name with a single letter that also perfectly matches my personal interests. And you should at least be able to guess about those by now. I’ve always found electrical and mechanical stuff fascinating, ever since my childhood (or so I am told), and this has continued to be my passion until today. Also, I studied this topic until my Master’s in an attempt to make something I love to do my source of income – which some have called hopelessly romantic. Shut up, it worked out so far!

Since early 2014 I am proud owner of a ham radio advanced license (called class A here in Germany) and struggling to get my stuff together for medium- and long-range microwave radio communications, and hopefully a lot of satellite tech in the later future. This also matches with my EE studies which are mostly in digital signals processing and lately in microwave topics which I have always found intriguing because of the “black magic” appearance. As of 2013, I am in the middle of building my first UHF and SHF transceivers, so it might be that you meet me “on the air” some time soon – as DL6MU then. Aside from RF stuff, my interests are broad: analog, audio, digital, high-power, microcontrollers…oh, and good old electron tubes!

Why I write this blog? Mainly to motivate myself to tackle new projects I can write something about, practice my english writing skills and maybe get to know some interesting people who stop by here from time to time. Has already happened, so it was totally worth it. And also because I am not (or, should I say, no longer?) a reader of news collector/aggregator blogs that grab together all the cool tech stuff and keep me busy the whole day, trying to read up and figure out how other people do cool stuff that I had always wanted to do before. During the same time I can just learn some cool things myself and write about that. Unfortunately that also means *you* are currently being kept busy reading about *me* – for which I am sincerely sorry ;-) But, as it is, you are also a welcome guest here, so why not use the chance to discuss whatever you find interesting.

So that’s it for the quick overview – any more you’ll have to ask me directly. Enjoy your stay, and if you happen to meet me someday and know this blog – well, wouldn’t that be something :-)

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