2 thoughts on “WD10EACS_PCB_01

  1. https://imageshack.com/i/nbkg79j

    i have a wester digital hd mdl wd7500aavs 759 gb doesnt working

    i can see pcb is bad .smooth chip is burnt so i would like to know before i replace of pcb

    can i change this smotth chip ( L7251 3.1 ) for other ?
    do i need to reprogram this chip o it will works fine??

    1. @yulalexander: Unfortunately, there are very few documents available for these drivers. My best guess is that the L7251 gets its internal parameters from the main controller on each startup, and has no internal permanent memory. I can tell you that the drive I tried to repair spun up just fine afterwards, but I could not test the heads because they were broken mechanically. I’d say go for a try – as long as you replace the chip with another of the same type AND revision (3.1)! No guarantee for success, though.

      Replacing the whole PCB is much more difficult because you will need to transfer all runtime-adapted parameters to the new PCB. I have no clue about that.

      Best regards and good luck to you!

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