CNC update

Alright, time for another update linked to the CNC mill! I just finished the linear carriage for the X-direction. Still having some minor trouble getting a tight fit between the bearing-rollers and the rails, but I suspect this will be correctable later through adjustment. The whole thing needs to be carefully calibrated and aligned anyways before real milling action is anywhere near possible.

To be honest, I don’t think the alignment of the parts will keep up with vibration and forces for too long, which is why the most crucial parts will be remade with this mill while it works – that was the goal from the beginning.

The next step now is to connect the threaded rod to the carriage and to finish the drive system for the Y-direction, which will reside below the table and pull the whole portal sled through a rod that passed through the table. The table supports and Y-rails are still sitting in the workshop, waiting to be cleaned up.

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